If you have one of those old mercury thermostats on your wall you may or may not need an upgrade. The truth is, if your home is reaching the temperature you set the thermostat to you are fine. Digital thermostats are no more accurate than mercury thermostats when working properly. They are both great. There are some benefits to installing a new thermostat however. Let’s look at some:

Notifications: If you have a heat pump then you definitely want to be notified if your heat strips are running or not. Heat strips are auxiliary heaters that are inside your heat pump and are designed to turn on when the heat pump is struggling. Heat strips run at about 10,000 watts. What does that mean you ask? Imaging having 100- 100 watt bulbs on in your home and running them at the same time! That is 10,000 watts. That’s enough to run your bill very very high. I have seen electric bills up to $250-500 when heat strips are running. My point is you want a thermostat that let’s you know when these are running so that you can call a service man before you receive your electric bill.Most digital thermostas and some mercury ones will show a notification for this. We like honeywell’s focus pro T-Stats for basic upgrades

focus pro 5000

Perks: If you want to get really involved in the comfort in your home you could consider honeywell’s prestige pro HD thermostat. prestige_large_hires

One of the great features of this T-Stat is that it comes with a remote control. This is great for those homeowners who may have a problem getting out of bed when the house get’s to hot or cold. Other features include an outdoor temperature sensor so you do not have to step outside on those early mornings to see if you need to send your kids off with coats or not.remote control

This thermostat is also completely upgradeable. It’s wireless technology allows you to control humidity, fresh air and more using honeywell’s wireless products. Call today to learn about the many upgrades that can be added to the Honeywell Prestige pro T-Stat.

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