The truth about the filters you buy in stores

Don’t over pay for your filters.

I’ve always known that the filters people buy in stores are way over priced and I have even shared that fact with many of my customers. However, there hasn’t been much of a solution for this, until now.

This year for a short time I will be offering filters at a discounted contractors price to my customers who wish to spend less on air filters.

To give you an idea on the cost. An average top quality filter (MERV 8 rating) at the local store cost about $16-$20. I’ll be selling these for a fraction of this cost. I am able to offer this price because I would be buying them in bulk from a warehouse. To offer this price I’d have to take orders of at least 6 filters. Additionally a larger order would lower the cost per filter.

Delivery in Fayetteville and Hope Mills is free and shipping is available.

Please call or respond to this email for more information.

Thank you

Mike J



The truth about the filters you buy in stores