Protect your family by purifying the air in your home

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This is a video explaining some of the benefits of The RGF Air guardian that we install to purify the air in your home. take a couple of minutes to watch it and if you have any additional questions about getting one installed in your home call us at (910) 7974287

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How clean is the air in your home?

The EPA has estimated that the air in our homes is five times dirtier than the air outside. There is something that you can due to protect your family from bad air. A/C Man Heating and Air is currently installing RGF’S air guardian which is designed to be installed in your existing central air ductwork and will purify all of the air in your home through your ducts. You may be wondering:

“My heating and air conditioning unit has an air filter on it. Why do I need anything more?”

The truth is traditional air filters only trap medium-to-large particles and have no effect on gases, vapors, and microbials. In fact, traditional air filters are a fertile breeding ground for microbial growth. In simulated sneeze test guardian has reduced germs by 78% at the source of the sneeze

The air purifier

RGF's Air Guardian

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Here is a video that contains a little more information: