The truth about the filters you buy in stores

The truth about the filters you buy in stores

Don’t over pay for your filters.

I’ve always known that the filters people buy in stores are way over priced and I have even shared that fact with many of my customers. However, there hasn’t been much of a solution for this, until now.

This year for a short time I will be offering filters at a discounted contractors price to my customers who wish to spend less on air filters.

To give you an idea on the cost. An average top quality filter (MERV 8 rating) at the local store cost about $16-$20. I’ll be selling these for a fraction of this cost. I am able to offer this price because I would be buying them in bulk from a warehouse. To offer this price I’d have to take orders of at least 6 filters. Additionally a larger order would lower the cost per filter.

Delivery in Fayetteville and Hope Mills is free and shipping is available.

Please call or respond to this email for more information.

Thank you

Mike J



Save Money on your heating bills, Here’s how…

Having your Heat serviced can save you thousands of dollars. Here’s why:

Reduce Many costly repairs!
Your Heating unit is the most expensive appliance in your home. Replacement can cost anywhere from $5500-$10,000. The best way to keep your heating equipment working longer is to have it serviced regularly. Unlike many Heating and Air companies today, Michael Johnson does not hire junior technicians to work on your system. If you hire Michael, he services every system himself – using his 12 years of experience and customer service that helped him win the 2011 Angie’s List super Service Award. An Award only received by 5% of Angie’s List business.

Lower your monthly utility bills!
Air conditioners that are clogged with dirt buildup from normal operation are
working under a high strain. This translates into higher electric bills for you, the
home owner.

Get more efficiency out of your A/C!
In addition to running under a high strain, an un-serviced Heating system runs longer to heat your home. Being one of the highest power consuming devices in your home running your furnace is very expensive. A heater that is operating as designed does not have to run as long and will heat your home faster, saving you money on your utility bill.

An extra benefit:

Breathe better air in your home!
The air blowing through your air conditioner is passed through an air coil
which, if not serviced regularly, will likely
have a buildup of algae leaving an
unhealthy environment in your home

Special New Year price
Companies in Fayetteville are charging anywhere from $150-$220 to service Heating units, but to welcome the New Year and to thank our customers for helping us win the 2011 Angies List Super Service Award we are servicing Heating units for only $75.00 for a limited time.
Set up an appointment by calling us at 910.797.4287

Save money on your electric bill; Tips from A/C Man Heating and Air repair Fayetteville NC

A great post from Angie’s list:

  • Adjust your thermostat/Keep it Clean: Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems are your home’s No. 1 energy hogs.
  • A/C Savings: Each degree you dial your air conditioner above 78°F decreases energy usage and can save the average homeowner about $8 a month per degree. Dial it up when you’re not going to be at home – programmable thermostats make that chore easy.
  • Heating Savings: You can save as much as 10 percent on heating costs by keeping your thermostat set at 65 degrees at least eight hours a day. A programmable thermostat, which can be found for as little as $20, can take care of the dialing for you. Going down to 65 degrees when you’re away or asleep means you won’t even feel the sacrifice.
  • Even More: Check your furnace air filters every time you pay your gas or electricity bill and change them as needed, generally quarterly if you’re using quality filters. The cleaner the filter, the more efficient the HVAC system. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and can create costly obstructions in the unit.
  • Light Show: Lighting is your home’s fourth biggest energy hog. Turning lights off when you’re not in the room really will reduce energy costs – especially if you’re still using incandescent bulbs.
  • The Off Switch: Electronics are No. 5 energy hogs. Video game systems use about the same amount of power when they are in sleep mode as they do when they’re in use. So, after you conquer the Wii, turn the system off and then turn the TV off, too.
  • Pull the Drapes: Direct sunlight can raise room temperature as much as 20 degrees and trigger your A/C. Close the drapes when you’re away so you don’t cool an empty house.

In the Bathroom:

  • Cool it Down: Lower your water heater (Energy hog No. 3) base temperature to 120°F degrees. Your shower will still be steamy, and you’ll save by heating less water.
  • Stand up and Save: Baths generally use more energy than showers because you use less water in the shower, which means you heat less water.
  • A Bright Idea: You need a clear mirror view in the bathroom, but every bulb that lights your way costs money. You won’t notice the visual difference by replacing 100-watt bulbs with 60-watt bulbs, but you’ll see it in energy savings.
  • An Even Brighter Idea: Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy and last about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

In the Laundry Room:

  • Lose a Quart: Drain a quart of water from your water heater (Energy hog No. 3) tank every three months to remove sediment that slows down heat transfer and lowers the efficiency of your heater. Follow your owner’s manual to accomplish this task because the type of tank determines the procedure.
  • Dry Spell: The dryer is an appliance (Energy hog No. 2), so keep it in top working order by regularly cleaning the lint screen clean and being smart about drying your clothes. Dry thick towels with other towels, for instance, rather than with light tee-shirts that will dry more quickly and use less energy. Don’t forget to clean the outdoor dryer vent, too.
  • Cold Water Wash: The biggest cost of washing clothes comes from the energy required to heat the water. Use cold water for most of your laundry load.

All Around the House:

  • Insulate Yourself: Having the right amount – and right type – of insulation will help your home retain the work your HVAC system does year round, but more than half of homes in the U.S. are not properly insulated. Climate determines both type and amount, so determine your needs, or call in a pro to help.
  • Location. Location. Location: Don’t place lamps, TV sets, or other heat producing appliances near your thermostat. The thermostat senses the heat causing the air conditioner (Energy hog No. 1) to run longer than necessary.
  • Be a Little Shady: Air conditioners with proper shading can be more efficient. Air in a shaded space is cooler than the surrounding air meaning the A/C will have an easier time cooling the air. Keep plants, shrubs, and other landscaping about two to four feet away from your outdoor unit to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Buyer’s Market: When buying new air conditioners, refrigerators or replacement windows, buy energy-efficient versions. They’re usually more expensive but federal tax credits and competition is helping bring prices down. You’ll save in the long-term.
  • Check all Corners: An energy auditor, maybe even your local power company, has expert and comprehensive advice on energy efficiency.

For service and repair of A/C or heat in Fayetteville NC, Spring Lake N.C or Hope Mills NC Call A/C Man Heating and Air at

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Testimonials for the Guardian Air Unit

If you haven’t yet heard about Guardian Air Whole house Air purification units click here


RGF first developed its Advanced Oxidation Technology over 20 years ago. Over 1 million RGF Cells are in use around the world. RGF has licensed its technology to many Fortune 500 companies for use in the medical, food, military, residential, commercial, marine, hospitality and government.

RGF cells in various products have been tested and approved by:
  • US Military
  • Chinese Government
  • Japanese Government
  • Canadian Government
  • US Government – GSA
  • European Union

In addition, RGF technology, because of its ability to kill bacteria and virus on surfaces and in the air, have been specified in the Norovirus/MRSA protection plan of America’s largest restaurant chains, hotel chains, theme parks, cruise lines, public schools and hospitals.

Further Test Results

Samples of university and independent lab tests and major corporation studies:

  • Now tested on H1N1 Swine Flu with 99+% Kill
  • 99.99% surface bacteria/virus reduction
  • Over 80% VOC reduction
  • 78% of microbes in human sneeze killed at 3 feet
  • 97% airborne bacterial reduction
  • 99% reductions of Ecoli, Listeria, Strep and Bird Flu
  • 85% odor reduction
  • 97% airborne mold reduction
  • US Military approved for mold protection in field hospitals
  • Hospital approvals Infectious Diseases – U.S. and International 99% reduction of Staph (MRSA)
  • Major US city school reports 20% reduction in absenteeism
  • Tested and approved by the Chinese Government for protection against the SARS virus
  • Approved by the USDA, FSIS and FDA for use in food processing plants
  • Fox News three-part indoor air series featured RGF and concluded substantial mold and bacteria reductions
  • RGF’s technology has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS and in Popular Science Magazine

Chicago Public Schools

In February of this year, PS 135 began the installation of 58 Guardian Air units to assist in reducing absenteeism due to illness. During a meeting in January of 2006 members of the school district met with RGF and G. W. Berkhiemer to discuss ongoing problems with the air quality in the school.

Like many older schools there were many complaints regarding the air quality. The most common were mold, musty odors and teachers complaining of being uncomfortable in certain rooms. The RGF factory personnel explained the unique approach to air quality that the Guardian Air family of products provides; it’s ability to kill microbes (mold, bacteria and viruses) in the conditioned space instead of trying to kill them in the air handler. They also informed the members of the school district the fact that a well 15  Percentknown cruise line had installed them in all of their cruise ships to protect the passengers from the Norwalk Virus. During the discussion, RGF shared with the school district the results of a test done by Midwest Research Institute (MRI), where the Guardian Air achieved a kill rate on Norwalk Virus of 99.9999% in a series of one hour tests. It is important to note that the Norwalk Virus is the cause of 54% of all the stomach flu Americans suffer each year.

The school district decided to try the product and would phase it in during class room modifications to be done in spring of 2007. As part of the project, the school decided to run preliminary studies on the effect on absenteeism verses the same period a year earlier. The results showed that with the Guardian Air units installed, the absenteeism fell by 15-20%. This is a very important point for all school districts as they receive their federal and state funding based on daily attendance records. So the more students in school, the more funding they receive. In essence, PS 135 got an increase in their funding of 15-20%.

Guardian Air Find Happy Patrons At Local Smoking BarNo  Smoke

RGF recently completed two new installations in Texas at smoking bars; both the “Bitter End” in San Antonio, TX and “Shooters” in Cedar Park, TX. Both of these applications were heavy on cigarette odors and it was the staff that ultimately suffered. RGF Representative in Texas, Todd Montgomery, recommended Guardian Air units to try and combat the constant smoke odors and VOC introduced to the space. The units were installed at 10am and Todd received a text that night at 4am from one of the bartenders that just simply read “YEAH!”. After working for 14 years, the bartender said it was the first night ever he had come home without smelling like smoke.

The Excelsior Condominium

ExcelsiorSteve Brandon, of The Excelsior Condominium in Boca Raton, Florida sent us a letter recently to let us know how pleased he and his residents were with the Guardian Air systems installed there. Having done installations of this type in the past, RGF technicians know it is not always the easiest thing to please multiple residents in these types of facilities. Not to mention the Guardian Air systems have lasted well beyond their warranted life expectancy.

Gold’s Gym Installs Guardian Air and REME

Gold’s Gym in Orlando, FL has recently began a rollout of Guardian Air and REME units to all 8 locations around the city. The first building with 12 units was installed and results have been excellent. The management staff at Gold’s currently working with RGF to feature the Guardian Air in advertisements and posters all over every location as the rollout is progressing.

St. Helena Hospital

St Helena HospitalSt. Helena Hospital of St. Helena California is another on the list of happy & safe hospitals using Guardian Air PHI to reduce infectious disease spread.

IRS in Austin Installs 80 Units, Plans To Study Employee Sick Time

IRSThe IRS Center in downtown Austin, TX installed 80 units in their entire facility. They were concernedEmployees about improving employee morale and reducing sick time and installing Guardian Air units in their facility to drastically improve IAQ seemed like the perfect solution. They plan on examining employee sick time in the year before installation and the year after to determine how much the improvement in indoor air quality helped. Before those results are completed, we can already say the employees really appreciate the fresh feeling to the air.

Texas Mutual Insurance

Texas Mutual Insurance is a three billion dollar national company with locations in multiple states throughout the country. They are a very progressive company and had heard about the Phi Technology from one of their technicians who had attended a Phi Technology Training hosted by Insco Distributing and taught by Todd Montgomery. Texas Mutual Insurance extended an invitation to Todd Montgomery to meet with some of their upper management to explain the benefits of Phi Technology and possible application for their Austin facility. After a very productive two hour meeting with the Operations Manager, Facilities Manager and Regional VP, Texas Mutual Insurance decided to have four independent labs test the results of the product at four separate practical applications. The results were so positive, within one month they installed 30+ units in their Austin facility. The Austin facility contains two 400 ton air handlers and one 12 ton system. The units performed so well, with the company recording a significant drop in absenteeism, Texas Mutual had 30+ units installed in an affiliated building in Austin. They are working on installing the product in all their locations nationwide. The primary significance of this testimonial is this customer is an insurance company and they understand the consequences of liability.

Jacobs Homes

Jacobs Homes is one of the leading custom home builders in Central Texas with approximately 25 active model homes. An opportunity arose allowing us to meet with the Director of Purchasing, President, Product Manager and Kuene A/C (Jacobs’ preferred a/c contractor). As a result of this meeting Jacobs Homes has decided to install the product in all of their model homes. All model homes are between 2500 and 4000 square feet and contain a minimum of two a/c systems. There is a meeting scheduled for 10/20/08 with all salespeople and upper management in order to train them on the benefits of Phi Technology. Afterwards Jacobs is implementing a strategy that involves installing Phi Cells in all of their employees’ homes. They plan to offer Phi Technology as an option in their upgrade package to all new home buyers and contact all current Jacobs Home owners in order to inform them of the benefits of the Phi Technology.

On The Air

Through a joint effort between Robert Madden and Fox Services, Todd Montgomery wrote a radio ad produced in conjunction with KVET radio station in Austin. The ad currently runs daily during the morning drive time segment. This radio station was selected because one of the talk show hosts, Bob Cole, contracted MRSA Infection which caused him to develop an abrasion on his face. Strategy was to introduce the technology and offer him a free unit in hopes that he will become a testimonial and a strong advocate of Phi Technology and share his story with his listeners.

Nash Heating & Air

Nash Heating & Air is an A/C company based out of New Orleans. The owner believedBreathing Treatments in the product despite the skepticism of his technicians, specifically his lead technician who has a 4 year old daughter that is allergic to everything and takes daily breathing treatments and other medicines associated with her allergies. Because of his confidence in the product the owner gave each technician a Guardian Air Phi cell for Christmas. While conducting a subsequent sales training for Nash Heating & Air the lead technician asked to share his story. He explained to everyone that after installing the Phi Cell and having it run for only 4 days his daughter no longer required daily breathing treatments or medicines for her condition.

New 13 seer air conditioning equipment. Fayetteville N.C

This is just a quick update. In doing repairs around Fayetteville N.C i run into a lot of customers that do not have their units serviced annually becuase their systems are new. I read the follwing quote earlier and thought I’d share:

“40-50% or residential air conditioning has low refrigerant, making SEER ratings irrelevant.”

Regardless of efficiency rating an Air conditioner that is low on freon will run constantly and will never cool the rooms. In this case your new Air conditioner may cost more to run than an old air conditioner that is serviced annually.

It’s is something to consider.

Thanks for reading.


A/C Man heating and Air

Understanding your electric bill, why you shouldn’t worry about the lights.

When we are trying to lower our utility bill the most obvious answer seems to be to turn off as many lights as possible. Either that or replacing our light bulbs with more energy efficient ones. In today’s post I am going to show you this may not be the most effective way to conserve. In fact, it may be the least effective.

O.k I’ll try to make this as short and simple as possible. Just as a side note I called three representatives from my local power company and after having them fail at explaining the billing process to me I got on the phone with my father(electrician of 35yrs) and did a couple hours of research on the web to put the pieces together. Here is how we are billed for our power use:

The power company bills us a certain amount per KWh that we use. ( That’s Kilowatts hours, 1 Kilowatt is 1000 watts)

If you don’t have anything to gauge 1000 watts by think about your light bulbs. If you had 10-100 watt bulbs on for 1 hour that would be 1000 watts that you used for an hour. You would be charged 1 KWh for that usage. If you live in Fayetteville N.C that would cost you about .07cents (Look on your bill to see how much you are charged per KWh)

The formula: Watts x hours used /1000= Kwh

Ok now let’s do some comparing.

In my home I have 40 light bulbs that are all about 40watts a piece. If I had them all on for 4 hours I would use 6400 watts or 6.4 KWh. I would pay about .44 cents for that usage. If I left all of my lights bulbs on for 4 hours everyday for 30 days I would pay $13.44  (192KWh)

Now $13.44 may seem like good savings but let’s  look at some of the other appliances, namely the heavy hitter: The A/C system.

In your heat pump (we’ll get to other systems later in this post) are heat strips that come on when you turn your furnace too high or if your unit has a mechanical problem. These Heat strips are 5000 watts a piece. There are almost always two of them which would give you a total of 10,000 watts or 10KW

If my heat strips were on for 4 hours I would have used 40KWh and would be charged about 2.80 for that usage. If I left them on for 4 hours everyday for 30 days I would use 1200KWh and would be charged about $84.00 for that usage. Yes that’s correct $84.00 It’s not even close to the $13.44 saved by cutting the lights off. That’s about six times as much!

You may be saying that this does not apply to you if you do not have a heat pump or rarely use the heat. In that case let’s take a look at the air conditioning. An average A/C uses about 4000 watts to run and closer to 5000 watts if not serviced. If I ran my unserviced A/C in the summer for four hours a day everyday for 30 days I would be charged for 600 KWh which is about $42.00. This is still about three times as much as the lights. Not to mention air conditioners that aren’t running properly run much longer to cool the house. An unserviced A/C may run twice as long as it has to.

Don’t worry about the lights. When it comes to saving money on the electric bill focus on the heavy hitter: The ac system. If yours hasn’t been serviced in awhile you may be throwing away more than the cost it takes to have it serviced. Call us today if you would like more information. Do you have questions? Leave a comment below.

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Choosing the right filter… A/C Man heating and air repair fayetteville nc

I have been doing air conditioning repair in Fayetteville NC for about 5 years now and of all of the questions I am asked during service calls how to choose the right filter is high on the list as one of the the most common. When choosing a filter for their air conditioning system most people opt for the $3 wal-mart special that comes with three in a box. This is a great option for the average person. But those who suffer from allergies like myself may need something that catches a little more of those dust and pollen particles. For this I’ll start with the pleated filters.

Pleated filters:

pleatedfiltersThose pleated filters or most often reffered to as 90 day filters are definitely the best option for those that suffer with allergies. There is a concern about them though from an HVAC professionals position. Some of these filters go overboard with their ability to trap particles and actually cause the system to run a lot harder and even freeze up constantly. When a unit is starved for air major damage can occur including compressor breakdown. This is why filter selection is so important.

I personally use the filtrete brand of filters for their ease of selection. If you are an allergy sufferer I recommend that you start with these. Filtrete filters are labeled by a number value. The higher the number the more particles they trap (and the more air they starve the unit for). I wouldn’t recommend the very high valued filters they have as I have seen them do more harm than good.  I personally use the filtrete 400. It keeps my allergy problems at bay and doesn’t starve the unit for air (and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!) . If the 400 isn’t enough for you then you can try the next one up.

Can I really change them every 90 days?

Pleated filters have more surface area which allows them to last longer. If you have pets that shed a lot you may have to change them sooner. This of course would apply to any filter.

The only downside…

The only downside to A/C filters is that they do nothing against viruses and  bacteria. In fact they are a cesspool for bacteria since they are collecting dirt and airborne food particles from cooking. These bacteria grow on the filters and since they are in the air stream are distributed throughout the home via the A/C system. There is a solution for this however. The Guardian air cell can be installed in the duct system and kill all bacteria on the filter and in the home in air and even on surfaces. This can be installed for less than $1000 and comes with a two year warranty.

Here is a very short ( 1 minute) video on how the guardian air works.

Click here to learn more about the guardian air unit

Do you need a new thermostat?

If you have one of those old mercury thermostats on your wall you may or may not need an upgrade. The truth is, if your home is reaching the temperature you set the thermostat to you are fine. Digital thermostats are no more accurate than mercury thermostats when working properly. They are both great. There are some benefits to installing a new thermostat however. Let’s look at some:

Notifications: If you have a heat pump then you definitely want to be notified if your heat strips are running or not. Heat strips are auxiliary heaters that are inside your heat pump and are designed to turn on when the heat pump is struggling. Heat strips run at about 10,000 watts. What does that mean you ask? Imaging having 100- 100 watt bulbs on in your home and running them at the same time! That is 10,000 watts. That’s enough to run your bill very very high. I have seen electric bills up to $250-500 when heat strips are running. My point is you want a thermostat that let’s you know when these are running so that you can call a service man before you receive your electric bill.Most digital thermostas and some mercury ones will show a notification for this. We like honeywell’s focus pro T-Stats for basic upgrades

focus pro 5000

Perks: If you want to get really involved in the comfort in your home you could consider honeywell’s prestige pro HD thermostat. prestige_large_hires

One of the great features of this T-Stat is that it comes with a remote control. This is great for those homeowners who may have a problem getting out of bed when the house get’s to hot or cold. Other features include an outdoor temperature sensor so you do not have to step outside on those early mornings to see if you need to send your kids off with coats or not.remote control

This thermostat is also completely upgradeable. It’s wireless technology allows you to control humidity, fresh air and more using honeywell’s wireless products. Call today to learn about the many upgrades that can be added to the Honeywell Prestige pro T-Stat.

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