Choosing an HVAC contractor

There are many HVAC contractors and companies in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Picking The right HVAC contractor is important when it comes to protecting the investment you are making in your home. One of the first steps and picking an HVAC contractor is picking a contractor that has a good reputation in your town or city. AC man heating and air-conditioning company has been an HVAC contractor in Fayetteville North Carolina since 2004. We have over 100 combined A rated reviews in Angies List, Yelp, Google, and other online review sites. In addition to this reputation AC man heating and air-conditioning company has thousands of customers in the Fayetteville,Hope Mills, Spring lake, Raeford, North Carolina area.

Another important step in picking an HVAC contractor is checking that the contractor has the correct licensure for the work you are planning to do. AC man heating and air-conditioning company is properly licensed for the HVAC contracting trade. Our North Carolina HVAC license number is 31632 and we are license through the North Carolina state HVAC contracting board.

Insurance is also an important factor when choosing an HVAC contractor or company. AC man heating and air-conditioning company carries General liability insurance.

AC man heating and air-conditioning company has built a strong reputation on customer service and loyalty. We are excited to work with you on your project call us today for a free estimate on HVAC installation or service. 910.797.4287

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat ImageThe nest thermostat is one of the most beautiful interfaces we have ever seen from a thermostat. AC man heating and air-conditioning is a nest thermostat certified installer. AC man heating and air-conditioning is also a member of the nest thermostat concierge program. We have installed the nest thermostat as well as the nest carbon monoxide alarm in Fayetteville, North Carolina, hope Mills North Carolina and surrounding cities. The nest thermostat is very intuitive and very easy to to use when attempting to adjust temperatures. In our North Carolina climate temperatures can fluctuate very quickly. In Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding cities it can be known to be very cold at the beginning of the week and comfortably warm just a few days later. The nest thermostat incorporates learning technology in order to keep homeowners comfortable even in cities where temperatures fluctuate such as in Fayetteville, North Carolina and the Sandhills. Call AC man heating and air-conditioning today if you’re interested in having a nest thermostat installed in your home in Fayetteville, North Carolina or if you have questions about the nest thermostat usability on your system.
Other alternatives to the nest thermostat are the Honeywell Pro thermostat series and the comfort sink thermostat by allied air.

Flat rate prices

Here at A/C man heating and Air we believe you should know what you are getting into every step of the way during A/C repairs. This is why we operate on flat rate prices only. Currently our service call is $60 and covers the troubleshooting of your unit. Once we find your problem we will let you know how much the repair will be before we fix anything. With us there are no hidden fees or charges. We have been in business as an air conditioning repair company in Fayetteville nc since 2005 and are currently the highest rated company on Angie’s list for the category listed as: air conditioning repair fayetteville nc

We are a veteran owned company. Our owner and operator was trained in the air conditioning repair trade by the United States Air Force. We have an excellent reputation for service in the  Fayetteville NC area. When channel 14 news wanted a company to comment on safety with in home heat they chose us.

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Air conditioning repair Fayetteville nc

Why service your A/C?

Most people are aware of the need to service their vehicles on a regular basis with oil changes, spark plugs etc. but we often fail to give our heating and A/C units regular maintenance. We regularly adjust our thermostats expecting the system to cool or heat the house efficiently though we rarely if ever have the unit serviced. Most of us have no idea that our systems may be running on their last leg and we often find out at the worst times as they tend to breakdown right in the middle of winter or summer when we need them the most. Did you know a unit that is low on refrigerant, if ran in the winter, can cause your electric bill to soar through the roof?  Some benefits of maintaining your system include: cleaner air in your home, less breakdowns during the year, and a longer equipment life span.

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Save Money with the flip of a switch

Now is the time when most of us will be turning off our air conditioners and flipping on the heat for the next six months or so. I would like to warn some of you that have gas heat or electric furnaces to turn on your A/C at least once a week for a couple of minutes so your compressors will not seize up from sitting idle too long. It happens every year. At the beginning of the summer I get many calls to replace compressors that will not start up for the summer season. Your air conditioner in many respects is just like a car;if it sits too long without cranking it will go bad. so save yourself a little money and turn on that ac on once a week.

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Repair and Service

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