Bi annual service

Bi-annual service on your air conditioner is very important. A yearly or bi-yearly service will prevent many maintenance and repair issues from occurring in your air-conditioning system. Any mechanical system that does not have regular service will fail earlier then a system that has regular service. An air-conditioner is no exception. AC man heating and air-conditioning has experienced many emergency service calls where a repair could have been prevented or at the very least caught before an emergency situation arised. When AC man heating and air-conditioning company does an annual service or a bi-annual service on an air-conditioning system we notify the homeowner of potential problems that may arise during the summer or winter season.

Below is a list of some of the components we will check when conducting a maintenance service on an air conditioner:

Bi-annual service check points:
Cleaning of all HVAC refrigerant coils.
Check refrigerant levels and superheat according to manufacturers specifications.
Check thermostat accuracy.
Check air conditioning system in air-conditioning mode as well as heat mode.
Check amps on HVAC fan motor and air-conditioning compressor.
Check control wires for evidence of over amps or burning of wires.
Check for refrigerant leaks with electronic refrigerant leak detector as well as refrigerant levels.

Bi-annual service check on ductwork:

Check duct connections.
Check for degrading duct insulation.
Check for air leaks on ductwork and around air conditioner or furnace.

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Why is there ice on my Air Conditioner?

When you get up in the morning to go to work, before you drive off take a look at your Heat/AC unit outside and see if it is covered with ice. If it is you could be spending a lot of money due to a problem that can easily be fixed by calling a repair man. Units that are low on freon or have faulty defrost cycles can cause your electric bill to surge this winter by causing your heat strips to run constantly. If you notice ice on your unit consider calling a repairman today

 Example of a frozen unit

Example of a frozen unit




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