Having your Heat serviced can save you thousands of dollars. Here’s why:

Reduce Many costly repairs!
Your Heating unit is the most expensive appliance in your home. Replacement can cost anywhere from $5500-$10,000. The best way to keep your heating equipment working longer is to have it serviced regularly. 

Lower your monthly utility bills!
Air conditioners that are clogged with dirt buildup from normal operation are
working under a high strain. This translates into higher electric bills for you, the
home owner.

Get more efficiency out of your A/C!
In addition to running under a high strain, an un-serviced Heating system runs longer to heat your home. Being one of the highest power consuming devices in your home running your furnace is very expensive. A heater that is operating as designed does not have to run as long and will heat your home faster, saving you money on your utility bill.

An extra benefit:

Breathe better air in your home!
The air blowing through your air conditioner is passed through an air coil
which, if not serviced regularly, will likely
have a buildup of algae leaving an
unhealthy environment in your home

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The worst possible case-

I was interviewed on channel 14 news about a furnace that burned down due to lack of maintenance: