At the beginning of every season I always try to remind people to turn on their heat and make sure everything is working correctly before the temperature drops and it becomes an emergency. Below are some things to look for as you check out your heating system:

If you have gas heat:

Cut the heat on and make sure everything comes on correctly and you feel heat coming from the vents. If nothing happens at first turn it off, wait and try again. Do this just a few times until it works. If it wont come on after a few times call a technician.
Once it comes on you may smell the familiar smell of heat coming on for the first time. This smell should go away after a few minutes. Let your heat run for at least 5-7 minutes to make sure it wont cut off by itself. If it stays running you should be ok. If it cuts off you may need to call a technician.
If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home you should purchase one. They are inexpensive and can save your family’s life.

If you have a heat pump:

Turn the heat on from the thermostat and feel one of the vents to see if heat is blowing out. If it is you may be O.K.
Here is the tricky part: If your freon is low a heat pump will still heat your home. Heat pumps will use backup heat through it’s heat strips which will cost you hundreds of dollars a month to run. (This caught me one year when I didn’t check my freon and I ended up with a $500 electric bill)
If you suspect your freon may be low then definitely call a technician to check it out, it will be worth the money saved.
So my main advice today is to turn your heat on now and make sure it works before you really need it this winter when the temperature drops.
As always you can call us anytime to check out your heat or have it serviced before the winter.
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