For the last couple of weeks I have been taking pictures of some of the different things I find in Air conditioning systems. You may be surprised that I find some nasty things in air conditioners pretty often here in Fayetteville N.C

Most buildings and homes have bad air as ventilation and air conditioning systems are a hotbed for growth of mold and bacteria. Here are just a few pictures of some of the things I have seen. I took each one of these pictures myself from my cell phone as I worked on these systems here in Fayetteville.

Dead mouse:

Above is a picture of a dead mouse that I found when I was called to investigate a strange smell in a building. This little guy was inside of one of the ducts leading to one of the rooms in the building. Of course we removed the dead carcass but the truth is if he was in there there are others mice still crawling around. Where mice are there usually exists other bad things floating around. Things you don’t want to breathe all day in your home or office. Im sure there is bacteria floating around in those ducts which leads us to our next one.


This picture is actually very common. About 80% of air conditioners I see have mold. In the house that I took this picture the customers actually complained of bad allergies. I’m positive this isn’t a coincidence. Breathing in mold spores can cause some serious respiratory problems to include allergies. The problem with mold in an air conditioner is that the air conditioner distributes air throughout the entire house. Mold spores can be spread onto food surfaces such as counters and so on.What you see in the picture is a mold colony. These mold colonies release mold spores which form more mold colonies creating an greater problem as time goes on unless the mold is dealt with using a product such as RGF’S guardian air unit

Dead bats:

This picture makes me sick every time I see it. The bats in this picture are in a plastic bag I placed them in after removing them. I found these bats in an attic on the drain pan and near the air conditioner in a fayetteville nc home. Bats are a true health hazard, fungus grows on their waste releasing spores into the air that  can cause respiratory diseases,fever and chest pains. If left untreated this fungus can cause  chronic lung disease or even death in some instances. Even though these bats were not actually inside the air conditioner they were close enough to allow for bacteria to get sucked into the system. By the way there were seven more in the attic.

Pigeon feathers:

On this coil are a bunch of pigeon feathers. This was from a rooftop unit in a commercial building. The bad thing about this is that the coil is the part of the unit that air blows through before it gets to you. Inhaling pigeon feathers can cause some pretty serious medical problems. In and around the unit was also pigeon droppings. This was due to lack of maintenance on behalf of the building managers. Over time pigeons made a nest in the unit causing this infestation. Workers in the building are likely suffering from allergy like symptoms.

Of course this is a very concerning article since we spend most of our time indoors and many of us are breathing in things like this on a consistent basis. There is a way to protect yourself from these hazards. There is a product called Guardian Air by RGF that is designed to oxidize bacteria killing them on contact throughout your entire home and ductwork. Guardian Air kills bacteria on surfaces and in the air. Look at the video below to see how it works.

Fayetteville N.C 911 call center had them installed and has seen a 50 percent drop in employee sicknesses after one year.

The guardian air comes with a 2 year warranty and can be removed and taken with you if you move to another home. Of course system maintenance is also a part of good indoor air so we offer a free maintenance agreement for two years when we install a guardian air system in your home or office building.

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