These cheap little extension cords can be found in almost every home in America. They are conveniently small and inexpensive. They are also very dangerous. These cheap little extension cords start many fires. even here in the fayetteville nc area I have seen them catch fire on a number of occasions. By the way the gas house fire on grove st was traced to a faulty extension cord. I have one in my home that has a lamp plugged into it.  The problem with these cords is they have the convenience of multiple plug outlets so that you can plug multiple things into them at once. Where’s the danger you ask? Well, on my extension cord there is a little warning that says: “Caution: Do not plug a total of more than 1625 watts.” Well my wifes blow dryer is 1875 watts by itself. And my iron is 1200 watts. Just the blow dryer alone will cause the extension cord to get very very hot. Hot enough to catch fire. Please, do yourself a favor if you can just throw these little cords away and get yourself a real extension cord or use them only for very small appliances one at a time.

Thanks, I hope this little piece of advice saves someone.

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