This week Fayetteville NC will be reaching record breaking low temperatures. How is your Heating and Air conditioning system affected by these record temperatures. Here are a few tips:

1. If you have a heat pump do not be alarmed by cool air coming from the vents every so often. This is normal as heat pumps will go into a defrost cycle every 60 minutes or so in freezing weather.
2. If you will be leaving town or staying with family DO NOT turn off your Heating and Air Conditioning system. This could cause expensive freezing and rupturing of pipes. Instead of turning off your Heating and Air Conditioning system turn the temperature down to prevent your home from freezing pipes and expensive plumbing repairs.
3. If you are going to use plug heaters DO NOT use an extension cord and monitor space heaters while in use.
4. If your heat pump fails set your system to the emergency heat mode. This will get you by until a heating repair technician can make it to your house.

Stay safe everyone and call AC Man Heating and Air for service if your Heating and Air Conditioning system fails.


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